QuSoft’s lustrum has ended and we can look back on a great Lustrum Event! If you missed it, you can find the links to all the different program activities on this website – enjoy! We’ll be heading off to the next five years of innovative, fundamental and multidisciplinary quantum research.

Research by QuSoft’s scientists already started 25 years ago, but in 2015 Harry Buhrman and Kareljan Schoutens, together with the UvA, CWI and VU, decided to establish the first Dutch research center for quantum software and technology. To celebrate this first lustrum, QuSoft organised a full month of great events to look back to all the (research) highlights of the past five years and also peak into the revolutionary future of quantum technology.

Opening Day

Opening Day featured all QuSoft’s highlights: from the Quantum Software Consortium to the Quantum Quest, Women in Quantum Development and Quantum.Amsterdam. This day showed that QuSoft is so much more than ‘just science’. The day ended with the Turing Chair Ceremony to officially appoint Professor G. (Gilles) Brassard, from the Université de Montréal, to this Chair for the period of six months, starting December 1, 2020.

Science Week

To dive deeper into the material a Science Week was programmed. This week was a great succes with keynote speakers Ignacio Cirac, Dorit Aharonov, Joris van Hoboken, Ronald Cramer and Florian Schreck talking about Quantum algorithms for finite energies and temperaturesQuantum Algorithmic Measurements, Governance of Quantum Technologies: From Theory to Adoption, Compressed Σ-Protocol Theory and Quantum sensing with ultracold atoms. Five impressive lectures about quantum technology from five different points of view. Most of the participants were scientists and could indulge themselves with this high-quality program.

Business and Society Day

Last but not least, a Business and Society Day was organised to show how important quantum technology can be for your company and why you should not wait to hop on the quantum-revolution-train. 

We welcomed founding director of Quantum Delta NL, Freeke Heijman, to talk about the Dutch quantum ecosystem. Christian Schaffner was present to talk about the new quantum innovation hub Quantum.Amsterdam, which is part of the Quantum Delta NL foundation. And from different companies Adil Acun (ING), Maran van Heesch (TNO), Frederik Kerling (Atos) and Dimitri van Esch (ABN AMRO), talked about the impact of quantum on their business and what it can mean for the near future.

Thank you

A big thank you to all speakers, hosts, moderators, Crowdale studio and everybody who joined us in this wonderful celebration! The organization is also very grateful to Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) and the University of Amsterdam (UvA) for their financial support.

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