On December 2 & 3, QuSoft is celebrating 5 years of cutting edge research on quantum algorithm and software developed. So save the date, because this is going to be an event you do not want to miss.

Research by QuSofts scientists already started 20 years ago but in 2015 Harry Buhrman and Kareljan Schoutens, together with the UvA, CWI and VU, decided to establish the first Dutch research center for quantum software. And now, to celebrate QuSofts lustrum, we are organising a full two-day event during which the research institute will look back to all the great (research) highlights of the past five years and also peak into the revolutionary future of quantum technology.



Over the past five years QuSoft grew into the leading research center in its field. This was done by performing excellent scientific research but also by thinking ahead and starting innovative projects such as the Quantum Software Consortium (QSC), Women in Quantum Development (WIQD) and QuSoft’s new innovation hub Quantum.Amsterdam (Q.A). During QuSofts lustrum you will have a taste of everything!

If you are interested or connected in any way with QuSoft, we are happy to celebrate this joyful moment together with you. From September 10 you can register by clicking the button below and we will look forward seeing you on December 2 and/or December 3, 2020.


Wednesday, December 2

On the first morning of QuSofts lustrum you can expect high-quality academic presentations about Quantum Science. As a scientist yourself, or somebody who is just very interested in what is currently playing in this field of research, you have the possibility to engage with renowned scientists that are closely affiliated with QuSoft.

During the afternoon QuSofts innovation hub, Quantum.Amsterdam, is taking the floor. Collaborations between science and business are presented. For example, QuSofts projects with ABN AMRO and Bosch are featured, and speakers will elaborate on what QuSofts research can do for your (quantum) business in terms of security, finance and operations research.

The entire day you have the possibility to visit the business market and you can attent the “Behind the Scenes Tour” which will take you to QuSofts Quantum Labs (e.g. Florian Schreck’s Quantum Clock laboratory) and the Start-Up Village on site.

Thursday, December 3

The second day is QuSofts actual ‘birthday’. Therefore, this will be a cheerful day full of award ceremonies, QuSofts highlight presentations given by QSC, WIQD, Quantum.Amsterdam and its own researchers, and the honorable nomination of the Turing Chair. You can expect inspiring presentations!

Furthermore, a panel discussion between QuSoft and the different affiliated research institutes of the University of Amsterdam and the CWI will take place to discuss the future of Quantum Technology Research and its added value for business and society.  This would be the day to get to know QuSoft better!

Over de course of the following months we will keep you posted about the program. QuSoft will announce the keynote speakers after the summer holidays and thereafter the locations and timetable will follow. To be sure not to miss anything you can follow our social media channels.