Open applications for PhD and postdoc positions

QuSoft is continuously looking for excellent PhD and postdoc candidates. If you are interested in sending an (open) application, please send your CV to the corresponding researcher (PI) who works in your field of research.

Business Developer Quantum.Amsterdam

QuSoft, The University of Amsterdam and CWI invite you to apply for Business Developer at Quantum.Amsterdam.

Quantum.Amsterdam is a vibrant, innovative environment in the heart of the Amsterdam Science Park, based on QuSoft’s great expertise in the field of quantum algorithms, protocols and software, quantum optimization, post quantum crypto (CWI) and quantum sensing, quantum simulation and quantum materials at the Quantum Labs (UvA) and other knowledge partners. It is a network environment and ecosystem, where knowledge institutions, companies and social organizations come together to prepare for the arrival of quantum technology and what this technology means for society and the business community. In Quantum.Amsterdam, parties look ahead to future practical applications and translate knowledge into meaningful applications. Quantum.Amsterdam is one of the five innovation hubs in the Quantum Delta Netherlands.

Function description 

  • You are the point of contact for the relevant knowledge institutions towards companies and social partners.
  • You proactively collect questions from the business community about quantum applications and based on this you efficiently establish the connection with the researchers.
  • You help to start new projects and build consortia together with the relevant knowledge institutions.
  • You keep your eyes open for new partners, themes and financing options. You are the point of contact for Quantum.Amsterdam in strategic consultations on important themes, such as post quantum crypto, quantum computing, quantum simulation, quantum sensing and quantum clock and use case development on these themes.
  • You maintain close contacts with the partners of Quantum.Amsterdam, with relevant parties at the Amsterdam Science Park and with the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and the province.
  • You are also the representative of Quantum.Amsterdam in the national valorisation team of the Quantum Delta Netherlands.

All applications received before January 22, 2021 will receive full consideration. For more information, and to apply, click here.

PhD position in Quantum Algorithms

QuSoft and The University of Amsterdam invite you to apply for a PhD position in Quantum Algorithms.

You will conduct research in the theory and design of quantum algorithms for optimization problems, both continuous and discrete, including NP optimization. This line of research includes both long-term and NISQ algorithmic theory and design, with a special focus on applications to use cases motivated by industry problems. The ideal candidate has a background in the theory of quantum computing, with a strong foundation in mathematics and/or theoretical computer science (Master’s degree required).

You will be jointly supervised by Stacey Jeffery (CWI) and Michael Walter (University of Amsterdam). You will be employed by the Korteweg-de Vries Institute for Mathematics at the University of Amsterdam, but will also be a member of QuSoft, a vibrant and interdisciplinary research institute hosted by CWI, and as such, will share an office with other QuSoft students at CWI.

All applications received before February 7, 2021 will receive full consideration. For more information, and to apply, click here.