Are you a motivated MSc student specializing in quantum information science? Then you might be interested in the QuSoft Master Certificate!

Since 2021, QuSoft offers a certificate for MSc students at the University of Amsterdam. It is awarded to students that have demonstrated extraordinary commitment to quantum information science and have carried out their MSc thesis research project at QuSoft.


What are the requirements for a QuSoft Master Certificate?

  1. Successful completion of three courses coming from at least two categories (read along to see what categories there are).
  2. Attendance of three QuSoft seminars.
  3. Successful completion of a MSc thesis research project at QuSoft.

A member of QuSoft will make the final determination about whether the certificate will be issued. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

† Typically, this will mean that at least one of your supervisors is a senior researcher at QuSoft and that your thesis is on a QuSoft research topic.

How to apply?

After successful completion of your MSc project, you can request the certificate by sending an email to Please attach sufficient documentation that attests that you meet all requirements (typically a transcript, copy of thesis, and titles of QuSoft seminars attended). We will maintain a public list of all students that have been awarded the certificate. By applying for the certificate, you agree that your name can be included in this list.