QuSoft is continuously looking for excellent PhD and postdoc candidates. If you are interested in sending an (open) application, please send your CV to applications at qusoft.org

PhD candidate in Quantum Cryptanalysis

The Institute for Logic, Language & Computation at the University of Amsterdam is looking for a PhD candidate in the area of post-quantum cryptography. The aim of the PhD project is to carry out quantum cryptanalysis of the most promising schemes in the NIST competition for post-quantum cryptography.  Read more.

PhD Student

Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) has a vacancy in the Algorithms and Complexity research group for a talented PhD Student on the subject of “Quantum algorithms in a practical setting”. The main goal of this PhD project is to develop new quantum algorithms and applications for quantum computers, with a particular focus practical problems and realistic problem instances. Read more.

Postdoc / postdoctoral researcher

Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) has a vacancy in the Algorithms and Complexity research group for a talented Postdoc / postdoctoral researcher, on the subject of the computer-science aspects of quantum computing and quantum information theory. Read more

Theory postdoc

University of Amsterdam has a vacancy for a Theory postdoc on quantum simulation with ultracold atoms and molecules.
The research will be done in close collaboration with the Condensed Matter Theory group (Kareljan Schoutens in particular) and Florian Schreck’s Strontium Quantum Gases group. Key areas of interest will be topological band structures and states of matter, quantum magnetism, and many-body systems with long-range interactions. A unique opportunity of this position is the close connection of theory and experiments, which will allow us to implement some of the developed ideas in a strontium quantum gas microscope or with ultracold RbSr groundstate molecules. There’s flexibility for pursuing your own research agenda as long as it broadly aligns with proposed activities.
The research will be conducted together with the two PIs, one theory PhD student and four experimental PhD students or postdocs.

Terms of the position:
Fixed term of three-years with a salary that ranges between €2.599 and €4.084 in dependence of experience.
A 8% holiday allowance and a 8.3% end-of-year bonus will be added. Favourable tax agreements may apply to non-Dutch applicants.

Contact persons:
Prof. Dr. Kareljan Schoutens (c.j.m.schoutens@uva.nl)
Prof. Dr. Florian Schreck (schreck@uva.nl)

More information:
Florian Schreck’s Strontium Quantum Gases group 
Kareljan Schoutens
Condensed Matter Theory group
Institute of Physics of the University of Amsterdam