QuSoft is the new Dutch research center for quantum software. Its mission is to develop new protocols, algorithms and applications that can be run on small and medium-sized prototypes of a quantum computer. The main focus of QuSoft is on the development of quantum software, which requires fundamentally different techniques and approaches from conventional software.

QuSoft was launched by CWI, UvA and VU in December 2015 and builds on the institutions’ excellent track record in quantum computing and quantum information.


The overarching challenge for QuSoft is to harness the power of quantum information, through the study of quantum information science and the development of quantum algorithms. A particular focus is the design and development of protocols for quantum computation and quantum communication that can be run on small and medium-sized qubit platforms.

The research at QuSoft can be divided into four lines:
1. Quantum simulation and few-qubit applications
2. Quantum information science
3. Cryptography in a quantum world
4. Quantum algorithms and complexity


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